Sammy (2bass) wrote in j2_stillness,

Challenge 004 - JARED! =]

- Use only the images provided.
- Icons must fit LJ standards [100x100, less than 40KB].
- No animation or blending. Brushes, textures, stock images, etc. are allowed.
- Do not post your icons anywhere until the results are posted. Entries must remain anonymous.
- The icons you submit must be new.
- You may submit up to three icons.
- Don't reuse pictures.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Icons are due Thursday, July 19th [JARED'S BIRTHDAY!] at 10pm EST.
Entries so far: 0

PS: I WILL post the results from the last challenge, I'm sooo sorry it's taking so long! Also, would anyone be interested in co-modding with me? I've already got organza, but I know she's just as busy as I am, so another one would be great.
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